The Tongue Tie Clinics works by the following steps


During the consultation the feeding history is discussed with the parents and the dentist or general practicioner performs a physical assessment of the appearance and function of the tongue- and or lip tie. If the tongue and/or lip tie is restricted it will be explained how it could be related to the current problems of the infant and a medical advice will be given. It is possible to have a treatment in the same session, but a separate appointment is also an option.


If treatment takes place the health history of the infant will be checked and discussed. Baby’s and young infants will receive a superficial anaesthetic cream to numb the surface of the procedure site. Our clinic uses elektrosurgery to remove the lip- and or tongue tie. We chose for elektrosurgery because it gives a clean wound by burning the edges of the wound. Therefor there is less chance of bleeding. The instruments used are sterile and single use. The tongue is elevated to enable a clear view of the procedure site and the procedure itself will take a few seconds. A gauze is applied to the wound to check and the baby is taken immediately back to the mother for immediate (breast)feeding.

Aftercare and assistance

A lactation consultant IBCLC is present during treatment. She will assist during breastfeeding or help with preparing a bottle when the infant is bottle fed.
Because of the limited time, the focus is to help mother and infant on its way after the treatment. The wound will be checked before leaving the office. If desired, a separate appointment can be made with the lactation consultant to have an extra check up on the wound and ask more questions.


To achieve an optimal result, we recommend exercises. This is to improve the tongue/lip in relation to their surrounding muscles and tissues.

Oral assessment and drinking behaviour

No one is anatomically equal. During an oral assessment and drinking behaviour it will be checked where the problems during feeding can be and if they are tie related.

Compensation behaviour

If a tongue and- or lip tie is tight, this can be of influence on the surrounding muscles and structures. This can be a reason if baby’s can strat to drink in a compensating way and use muscles or their jaws which are not required during feeding.